June 17th, 2012

If You’re Going to Fuck Me

"If You’re Going To Fuck Me

You’re going to have to like my pasty white skin. I’m not tanning it, it might blind you. Enjoy.

Deal with the fact I don’t bath in roses and bleach every five minutes. Girls sweat too.

My fat. My cellulite. My stomach. All of these things are going to be bouncing around. Better be to your enjoyment because it’s going to be to mine.

You have to be able to say vagina. I hate when people can’t say vagina. If you can’t say it, you’re not getting in it.

My noises. I make them. They’re high pitch, sometimes they’re loud. And I’m not monitoring them.

My stretch marks are my tiger stripes. I love them, and so will you.

My acne. It’s there despite me not being fifteen anymore. You can’t catch it, and it doesn’t prevent me from sucking a mean cock.

This isn’t the movies. Sometimes I don’t wear make up, sometimes I don’t wear perfume, sometimes I don’t shave.

But I’m going to fuck with the lights on. I’m going to come while looking into your eyes. And the only way you’ll be fucking me with my clothes on is if it’s a quickie behind some tree or building.

I’m not fucking you to judge you. You shouldn’t be judging me either.

/end body positivity rant.”

-Someone on FetLife

May 23rd, 2012

I would do someone to this song

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